RivalCast Classic Logo Bumper Sticker (White)

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RivalCast Classic Logo Bumper Sticker (White)

You're at the traffic light. You're making eyes at an attractive specimen of whichever gender you prefer, and they seem to be returning the favor. Then in the lane next to you pulls up a classic hot rod: music blaring, engine growling, the epitome of mechanic machismo. You feel your heart start to sink, but then you notice your flirt isn't looking at the new arrival – they're staring at your back bumper, a look of astonishment and lust coming over their eyes. Your brain goes into frantic overdrive as the indescribable allure of whatever they're staring at compels them to ignore the muscle car entirely as they make their way to your window. And then you remember: your car is sporting the RivalCast Media classic logo bumper sticker. This high-quality 3" by 11" is printed on durable, weather resistant vinyl, so it will stay vibrant even when drooled over by your hoards of new admirers.

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